upgrading memory maps to 1:25000

upgrading memory maps to 1:25000


My introduction to memory maps was a few years ago after we had got lost a few time!

What is memory maps?

Memory maps is a program and mapping system using the Ordnance Survey (OS) maps.

The program is downloadable free of charge from the memory-map website.

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The maps, on the other hand, are charged for.

There are various maps available, depending on what you want them for.

My reasons for buying the maps is to enjoy the walking and to ‘see’ where we are.

So I am interested in the maps showing the footpaths.

OS 1:50 000 and 1:25 000

I started off with the old system of discs.

I purchased the mid UK bundle- running from just above the bristol channel to the scottish borders.

Living where we do, yes we will go further south in a day but will not be able to go further north without more hours in a day.

At the time i had come across the little pda’s which fitted into the top pocket of a shirt.

You can load up the maps from the pc onto the sd card inserted into the portable device, this hasn’t changed.

The maps can be quite large, so dependant on the tech you are using will determine how much of the map you are able to carry.

When you decide to go out, or on holiday, you can then cut that part of the map on your pc to cover where you are going and transfer it to your portable device.

Now a few years later after upgrading to the whole uk map and having to replace the original pda’s due to memory limitations, i have invested in the more detailed 1:25 000 map.

Arghh! the size of the complete map is 22Gb.

The maximum file size on the older android device i have is 4Gb.

Now what to do.

I don’t want to update the tech yet again.

So a quick search on the memorymap site shows that you can make custom maps from the master.

Making custom maps

Opening the main map on your pc you are able to create an area with a route boundary.

The route must start and end at the same point to be classified as closed.

Right clicking on a line segment of the route will give the menu which allows you to select ‘operations’ then’ enclosed area’ and then ‘ select area’.

Once memory maps has calculated the size of the area and you determine that it is below 4Gb (preferably 3Gb or less).

In the select directory area click on the three dots to elect the directory where your maps are.

When the folder view opens find the folder where your memory maps are stored.

Click ok and memory maps will extract the data.

You will be shown the progress and once finished the box will disappear.

You can now go to the folder where you have saved the files

Renaming the .qct and .qc3 to something recognisable.

If you are going to create multiple maps then you need to set the boundaries of this map.

To do this you click on the qct file and after it opens you click on te route you created to export it.

You then go to file map properties create boundary from route

Close memory maps and you should have an extra file.

Copy all four across to the sd card ideally under a downloads/maps directory.

Start memory maps on your portable device and click on the map list ( last icon to the left)

Click on maps on device then map types

This should find all of your maps.

Click on the one you want displayed.

If you don’t want to change map scales then click on setup, settings, general settings and untick the change map scale by zooming.

It sounds like a lot of work, but once done it will give you access to the finer scale maps section.

You will need to allow the device to go online to validate the license.

But other than that you should be good.

If you want to load the whole of the UK in one file then you will need an operating system with the ability to handle files larger than 4Gb. So you will need to format you sd card with exfat and see if your version of android recognises it.

Note that all data on the sd card will be lost when reformatting.

My android version ( 4.4.2) would not read te exfat formatted sd card so i have had to go through this cutting of the UK.

It is better to transfer the files onto your system memory as there maybe problems with the external data rate and corruption of the map data.

I had to go to a sandisc sd card rather than a cheapie chinese version.

Let me know if you try this and how you get on.

If you have any comments please leave them below and i will get back to you.

Memory maps is available on ebay.


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