Fils Philosophies

I am an ordinary person who likes to get things right.

I get frustrated with designs which almost work or break doing the job they are meant to do.

I will look at it, examine it and try to engineer a solution to suit the purpose.

I hope you will find useful techniques, ideas and modifications on my site to improve some of the designs which almost work.


This section will be about the things I repair, or want to repair.

How I repair them and whether they could be made better.

Interesting things

As i come across pieces of information which I think are interesting then I will tell you about them.


What makes you angry, well these are the things I feel need changing or cannot do anything about.

What are your frustrations? tell me in the comments section.


These are the little things I can do something about. This is about the help I can give and the brighter future.


Read anything interesting lately?
If I have you will find it here.

Doesn’t matter what it is, affiliate marketing, self help, novel – it will all go in here.

If you have anything you think I would like to read then tell me about it.


Day to day living.

Anything special happened?

Found anything which makes it easier or more exciting?

That will be in this section.

My Sites – all about fdm 3d printers – all about hydroponics- with an emphasis on indoors hydroponics – a site that is sitting there waiting for an idea… – my first go at creating a make money online site – my second go at making a make money online site – a site about helping you speed up your wordpress website… an ongoing process… – a site about avalanche beacons – a site about renewable energy… unfinished…awaiting inspiration

I would like to dedicate this site to the Engineers who work behind the scenes.
The ones whose work will never be seen or appreciated.
The months you spend on projects with the knowledge that the only time you are seen is when things go wrong.
To all the Engineers out there I appreciate the hard work and effort that you put into our daily life products.
Thank you.


Contact me

Hey – if you want to reach out to me for anything related to this site then fill in your details to the right and hit send.

I will get right back to you.