Repairing VW Scirocco MK2 door handle

Repairing VW Scirocco MK2 door handle


My other half has owned a scirocco mk2 for a number of years ( 21 in 2019), and i have the pleasure of keeping some of it running.

The other week she came home and said about the door handle being very stiff to move.

Knowing from past experience that the mechanism is made from cast ali, inside i pulled a face.

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So this is about how i improved the functioning of the door handle – till the next time.

Vw scirocco mk2 door handle removal

The Vw scirocco mk2 door handles are not too difficult to remove once you have seen it done or read about it.

But the first time….

So with a small flat screwdriver lever the trim from the key end – this will move to the right and pop out of that end.

The other end is the tab catch.

Under this trim you will see a screw on the end away from the lock.

Undo this screw.

Also open the door.

You will see a screw on the door inner above the lock mechanism, this also needs removing.

The screw will be inline with the door handle.

Once both of these are removed then you will be able to remove the door handle.

It maybe stuck on the seals but it will come off.

The end away from the lock has a hook on it facing the lock so needs to be moved towards the front of the car to remove that end.

The lock end will need to be wiggled to get the lock selector out of the hole.

Make sure that the door doesn’t shut after you remove the door handle.

You can open it again but it is a bit of a faff.

If you push the lock mechanism down – like it would be when shut the door cannot shut over the pin.

 Renovation of the door handle

If this is the first time you have removed the door handle then you will see the mechanism is realtively easy.

Pressing the door lever will show the operation of the mechanism.

The one i just repaired had a lot of wear so the door lever move a lot before anything happened.

There is a ball joint mechanism which had a lot of slop.

I used a piece of brass about 3mm wide and 15mm long, 1mm thick to take up some of the slop in that mechanism

This was inserted around the ball and pushed flat over the top to prevent it from coming out.

Don’t forget to clean it all first, all of the old grease and dust which has accumulated in the mechanism.

I have tried using graphite as a dry lubricant. This should be very good in this area, but in my case the gasket was damaged and the lock cover is damaged and doesn’t seal properly.

I have been using white grease sprayed from outside through the lock mechanism to keep it lubricated, but it still gummed up.

I have now replaced the gasket, thanks to vw heritage.

And have covered it in lithium grease to keep the water out.

After lubricating with graphite we had some rain and freezing conditions where the water had frozen in the handle mechanism. So for me the lithium grease is the way to go.

Don’t forget to check out the lock at the same time – these usually can do with a cleaning and greasing.

Refitting the handle

Refitting is a reverse of removal.

The only thing i would advise is to do the screw on the door above the lock first.

So wiggle the locking cam into the aperture and then locate the hook and slide it towards the back of the car.

Don’t forget to locate the seals first.

Replace if they are damaged – vw heritage again have these in stock most of the time -they are cheaper versions and not an exact fit but servicable.

Fit the screw and tighten – it should go firm.

Fit the screw at the front of the handle.

Make sure the door handle and lock operate correctly.

The last time i did this i had to back off the screw above the lock.

Whether i have slightly bent the cast ali piece behind i don’t know, but the latch went tight and as i say the only way to get it working was to turn the screw about half a turn.

So i did this and then put pressure on it while doing the other screw up.

I will keep an eye on the screw to not vibrate loose.

The trim is located in the front of the handle first and the rear then is snapped in.

And that is it.

So i hope that has helped put your mind at rest if it is the first time you have done this or you are looking on with horror at the techniques.

Whichever way leave a comment in the box below and if they are good i will get back to you.

Have fun and keep your Scirocco on the road.


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